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Our story begins the summer of 2018 with our family vacation to Southern California where we met up with an old friend, I had not seen in almost 10 years, Katie Devoe the owner of Paradise Candy.  As we caught up on life, she told me the most inspiring story of how she had been working on the Hemp movement and education in California for the past eight years. Her passion and education for the many benefits the Hemp plant really spoke to me. I was instantly drawn to everything she was explaining to me. By the time my family and I left her home I knew that life had just opened a door and I was running through it as fast as I could!

Over the next few months I started educating myself on CBD and its many benefits to common ailments as an alternative to prescribed drugs. I started using CBD from Paradise Candy and Sacred Biology in my own life for stress, headaches and pain relief, I noticed a difference right away!  In my excitement with all these new discovery’s, I had told my dad about everything I was learning and how it could help him with his knee pain.

He had been scheduled for a knee replacement surgery at the beginning of the new year and was dealing with daily knee pain. So, he ordered some products for Sacred Biology, and started using them. He noticed that he did not need to take pain medicine as much. It went from daily use of pain medicine, to only when he had been standing or walking for long periods of time. We were both convinced we had to be part of this Hemp movement as it progresses and grows. We want to be part of the education and new growth of the Hemp plant and its science.

With the help of my friend Katie, my dad and I started Hempology365. We are here to promote healthy living through education and products infused with CBD oil. As we grow, we will add new products to support the science and education as it is derived. That is where the name of the company came from, Hempology365; the study of Hemp in everyday life.

And here is what people are saying

Dealing with chronic migraines, I came across Hempology365. I have yet to be disappointed with the results from their products. I have tried the Vape Pens, Carmels, and Muscle Rubs for post-workout injuries. 10/10 on the products, results, and customer service.
Andrea Abraham, R.T.(R)
I workout 5-6 days a week doing HIIT type workouts and frequently have aches and pains associated with this as well as bad knees in general. I take NSAID’s regularly but sometimes that just isn’t enough. Friends recommended CBD oil and I purchased the Paradise caramel chews and the Sacred Biology CBD muscle rub. The caramel tastes like candy and works well at relieving my aches and pains. The muscle cream smells good and works well at taking the soreness out of my muscles when I massage it in. These have been beneficial to me and seem to work great without any side effects. Would highly recommend both!!!!!
Kelly M.
My 4 year old has ADHD, and his doctor told us he was too young to medicate. I had to find him help somehow. I became curious about CBD oil and was introduced to a few options by Kelly from Hempology 365. I picked the Paradise Carmel candies because I could brake it apart for a smaller dosage and they had a good flavor. I gave some to my son, and he found instant relief. He was able to play with his siblings and not get distracted as easily.

Thank you, Kelly

Kelsey S.
I was diagnosed with arthritis in bilateral knees at age 18. I was again given a diagnosis of arthritis in bilateral feet at age 38. I was offered the CBD vape to trial for arthritis relief and with it, the pain has dramatically decreased and my range of motion and mobility have increased. I later used the CBD caramels as I’m not a smoker and found the same satisfying results. I was pleased to decrease my NSAID intake from 800mg 3X daily to 600mg once daily to every other day.  I’ve gotten better results from the CBD products than the cortisone injections.
Kristina Meadows, RN

WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!   My daughter is a professional dancer, and her body takes a lot of abuse during rehearsals and shows. I bought one bath bomb about a year ago at a festival and sent it to her. When she used it, she called immediately and raved about how her body felt after the bath.  She actually was able to break it in half and get two uses out of it.  For her birthday this year, I found the card Kelly gave me with my original purchase and ordered one of each bath bomb.  She was elated!!  The shipping was very fast as well. Thanks, Kelly – we’ll be returning for more!! 

Chris S.

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